United Kingdom (long form United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is located in the north-western coast Europe and there lives about 63,23 million people. Capital and the largest city in the United Kingdom is London, second largest city in the UK is Edinburgh, third Cardiff and fifth Belfast. Currency in the United Kingdom is pound sterling.

If you are wondering where to study abroad, United Kingdom is really a great choice because this country offers high-level education. The level of education in the United Kingdom depends on the constituent states (for example: England, Eales, Scotland, etc.) basically systems of education are similar.

Studie in the United Kigdom starts from bachelor’s degree ir usually lasts for three years in Scotland longer. Although for some subjects you can enroll on an undergraduate degree that leads directly into a master’s program – usually four years long. Master’s programs last one or two years, and PhDs at least three. Courses are taught in English at most universities in the UK, with some Welsh-language programs offered in Wales, Scottish Gaelic-language programs in Scotland and Irish Gaelic-language programs in Ireland.

TOP 10 universities in United Kingdom:

  1. Oxford
  2. Londin School of Economics
  3. St. Andrews
  4. Durham
  5. Imperial College
  6.  London
  7. Warwick
  8. Bath
  9. University College London
  10. Exeter