If you want to feel, what life is in other countries, you should study abroad. If you are not afraid of freezing winters and cold winds, you should choose studies in Sweden.

Sweden is the largest country in the North, bordering with Norway, Finland and via bridge connected to Denmark with a capital Stockholm. The Baltic Sea lies to the east of Sweden, as well as the Gulf of Bothnia, which separates Sweden from most of Finland. National language in Sweden, of course, Swedish, but those, who was born since 1945, speaks English very well.

If you are considering to study abroad, Sweden is a great choice because universities offer nearly 100 international bachelor’s programs and you are free to choose language: Swedish, or English. A bachelor’s degree studies in Sweden is combined with theory and practice, and you will be expected to take many responsibility right from the beginning of your studies.

Bachelor’s programmes typically require three years of full-time study, for a total of 180 ECTS credits.

TOP 10 universities in Sweden:

  1. Karolinska Institute
  2. Uppsala University
  3. Stockholm University
  4. Lund University
  5. University of Gothenburg
  6. Royal Institute of Technology
  7. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  8. Chalmers University of Technology
  9. Linkoping University