Studies in Spain is a great choice for each student, who wants to see the world. Spain is one of the biggest and most beautiful countries in the world, located in Southwestern Europe with capital Madrid. There are five national languages and particularly many places to visit. Spain is a country of contrasts, with diverse landscape, expressive culture, grand monuments. It is a country, where cosmopolitan bustle of Western Europe is mixed with a distinctly southern extravagance and charm. That is why studies in Spain is top study abroad destination among international students and very popular place to visit among tourists. If Spanish is not on your study docket, you can always take classes in English.

There are hundred universities in Spain. If you are considering which university to choose and where will be best conditions for international students, take a look at TOP 9 universities in Spain:

  1. Compultense University of Madrid
  2. Autonomous University of Madrid
  3. University of Barcelona
  4. Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona Tech)
  5. University of Seville
  6. University of Granada
  7. The University of Almeria
  8. The University of Cadiz
  9. The University of Salamanca