Slovenia is a beautiful country with lively and exciting landscape. So, if you decided to study abroad, you surely enjoy studies in Slovenia, because of its perfect location: near beautiful Alps, green hills and sea. Also, it is important to mention, Slovenia is a member of Europen Union, Schengen Area and the Eurozone, so all the students can travel in all Schengens Area countries, without any visa. So, this country offers not only interesting studies, but also active and memorable holidays. Moreover, all the studies in Slovenia are in English it increases the number of students from all over the world. There are small groups of international students in universities, so there are more individual time from professors and teaching assistants. Choose studies in Slovenia and you will not regret!

TOP 4 universities in Slovenia:

  1. University of Ljubljana.
  2. University of Maribor.
  3. University of Primorska.
  4. University of Nova Gorica.