Portugal is a country in mainland Europe, attracting tourists and students because of its a mild Mediterranean climate, wide coastline, beautiful landscape, cities packed with historic interest and cultural experiences. So, if you think where to study abroad, you should think about studies in Portugal, where higher education comes in two forms: universities and polytechnics. The main difference between universities and polytechnics that universities have a greater focus on academic research, while polytechnics are focused more on preparing students for a practice and specific career. Portugal can be proud because even five Portuguese universities appeared in the World University Rankings. The highest was, of course, the University of Coimbra, which is Portugal’s oldest, most respectable university, established in 1290. This is not a country where you can rely on everyone being able to speak English, so many education programs are taught in Portuguese. But if you are ready to learn a new language, studies in Portugal is for you.

TOP universities in Portugal:

  1. University of Coimbra
  2. University of Porto
  3. Technical University of Lisbon
  4. University of Lisbon