Malta is a point of interest because it is a beautiful island in South Europe in Mediterranean Sea, which has a warm climate, a low crime rate, architectural and historical monuments, such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Valletta and seven Megalithic Temples, which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. Despite the fact that national language is Maltese, people in Malta widely speak English, because it is official language. So, spending a holiday in Malta is great idea. But vacation is not the only reason to visit this beautiful country. This country offers a high-level education for foreigner students.

There are more than one university in Malta, most of all colleges and universities in Malta are built around Valletta, capital of Malta. Valletta is located on the north-east coast of Malta Island. But the largest of all is oldest university on this island: University of Malta, where are 11,000 students, including 600 international, from 80 countries. Although the official teaching language ir universities is English, international students are also encouraged to learn Maltese. So if you are not afraid of changes, choose studies in Malta.

TOP 5 universities of Malta:

  1. University of Malta
  2. Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology.
  3. Institute of Tourism Malta
  4. European Institute of Education
  5. Mahatma Gandhi Institute Rabindranath Tagore Institute