Studies in Luxembourg is a great decision for any student. It really does not matter that Luxembourg is small because it is rich and respected country located in Europe, where is settled, European Parliament. This country established in the centre of Europe. It means that from here it is very easy to reach Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam or Berlin. For that reason Luxembourg becomes an attractive destination for tourists and international students, who want to study abroad. National Language in this country is Luxembourgish, however there are few national languages: German and French. People in Luxembourg speaks in more than one language because education in this country is trilingual: on the first years in the primary school students are studying in Luxembourgish, before changing to German, in secondary school it changes to French. English is also thought in the schools and universities, so many people in Luxembourg can speak English too, so, it increases the number of students from all over the world.

Most important university in Lyxembourg is:

  1. University of Luxembourg.