The land of light and darkness – Iceland, located in the north west of Europe, close to the Arctic pole and well-known as one of the world’s most active volcanic regions. Also, it is home of some Europes largest glaciers. Recently Iceland has become very popular tourists destination because of breathtaking nature and many cultural attractions of capital Reykjavík. It is important to mention that Iceland is signed the Schengen Agreement, but this country is not a member state of the European Union. If you want to live, where nature is breathtaking and you ar thinking about studies abroad – studies in Iceland is the best choice for you. There are seven universities in Iceland. Largest, oldest and most respected University of Iceland. For now international students make up around 5% of all students, but all universities are generally seeks to attract more international and exchange students. Moreover, British citizens and students from countries, which is European Union (EU) members, do not require a visa to study in Iceland, so it facilitates the ability to access university in Iceland.

There are seven universities in Iceland:

  1. University of Iceland (largest University in Iceland).
  2. University of Akureyry.
  3. Birost University.
  4. Agricultural University of Iceland.
  5. The school for Renewable energy science.
  6. The Iceland academy of arts.
  7. Holar University College.