Many students from all over the world are interested in studying abroad. Very good choice is studies in Finland, which is located in northern Europe near Norway, Sweden and Russia. In its capital Helsinki lives over 600,000 people. Official languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. Finland is one of the largest countries on the continent and has very exceptional colleges with many degree programs. If you want to study in Finland, you should be prepared for freezing winters and plenty of snow. So, if you hate cold and warm sweaters, Finland is just not for you. Finland offers many studies programs for foreigner students, so everyone, will find what they want.

After graduation students has considerably solid future because recently, Finland has become very successful country in technology and information systems. It is important to mention that the major industries in this country are metal manufacturing and engineering.

TOP 5 universities in Finland

  1. University of Helsinki.
  2. University of Oulu.
  3. University of Turku.
  4. University of Eastern Finland.
  5. University of Jyvaskyla.