Studies in Estonia can be really interesting experience if you are searching where to study abroad.

Estonia (official: Republic of Estonia) a member of European Union. Most northerly country of the Baltic states, bordered with Latvia and Russia, with capital Tallin, which is one of the best-preserved mediaeval cities in Europe. Estonia has numerous lakes, many forests and rivers, so the landscape is diverse, beautiful, green and blue.

The oficial language in Estonia is Estonian, which is closely related to Finnish. About one quarter of the population is of Russian-speaking origin, so if you can speak Russian, you will easily communicate with many local people, and yous studies in Estonia will be easier.

From history we know that many other nations ruled this region – Danes, Germans, Swedes, Poles and Russians, so it had influenced Estonian cuisine. Among the traditional dishes are marinated eel, blood sausage and sauerkraut stew with pork, so Estonia can cheer with a brilliant cuisine.

TOP 10 universities in Estonia:

  1. University of Tartu
  2. Tallinn University of technology
  3. Tallinn University
  4. Estonian University of Life Sciences
  5. Tartu University Library
  6. Estonian Academy of Arts
  7. Estonian Infromation Technology College
  8. National Institute of Chemical Physis and Biophysics
  9. Estonian Academy od Security Sciences
  10. Estonian Business School.