Denmark is located in Northern Europe near the beautiful Baltic sea with capital Copenhagen. There are four seasons: hot summers, freezing winters, bloomy springs and colourful autumns. So, if person are considering where to study abroad, he should think about studies in Denmark. This is relatively small country, with only 5,5 million people, but education in this country is high-level. There are some reasons, why person should study in Denmark. Universities and colleges work closely with business, so they can offer learn from industry experts. Tuition is free for students from other European Union members, but it needs to be mentioned that the cost of living in Denmark is much higher compared with other European countries.

TOP 10 universities in Denmark:

  1. University of Copenhagen
  2. Aarhus University
  3. Technical University of Denmark
  4. Aalborg University
  5. University of Southern Denmark
  6. Rosklide University
  7. Copenhagen Business School
  8. Copenhagen University
  9. IT University of Copenhagen
  10. Engineering College of Aarhus