If you are looking for an interesting country to study abroad, you should think about Czech Republic. Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The capital of Czech Republic is Prague. This city because of its beauty, can be compared with Paris. Over a long period this country was intersected of many cultures: Slavonic, German and Jewish, so its cultural heritage is very valuable and interesting, filled with historical curiosities, beautiful castles, UNESCO World heritage Sites, etc. That is why Czech Republic will definitely entertain you between your studies!

Czech Republic neighbors are Germany, Austria and Poland, so if you will want to travel you will never be at a loss for interesting places to visit. While studying abroad you can learn to speak Czech, take classes in English and study at some of the best universities in Central Europe, so studies in Czech Republic will broaden your horizons.

TOP 10 universities in Chech Republic:

  1. Charles University in Prague.
  2. Czech Technical University in Prague.
  3. Masaryk University in Brno.
  4. Brno University of Technology.
  5. Palacky University.
  6. University of West Bohemia.
  7. Technical Universuty of Ostrava.
  8. University of South Bohemia.
  9. Mendel University Of Agriculture and Forestry Brno.
  10. Tomas Bata University in Zlin.