Looking where to study abroad? Studies in Austria is a great choice! Austria is located in central Europe by the grand and impressive Alps. To the North it is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany, to the east by the Slovenia and Italy, to the south by the Switzerland and to the west, by the Liechtenstein.

Beautiful Austrian cities as Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, or Graz are perfect places for holidays. But not only for vacation people are attracted to this country. This nation gave us thinkers like Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Wittgenstein or Franz Kafka. Also, we are glad to tell you that in Austria born and lived Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, so historical and cultural heritage will impress anyone.

There are some reasons, why you should choose studies in Austria:

  • Researches says that Austria is 12th richest country in the whole world, it has well-developed social market economy, and really high standard of living.
  • Austria is one of Europe’s most popular study destinations
  • Studies in universities are high-quality.
  • Universities in Austria are highly international, it means that more than 15% of all students are from other countries.
  • Austria has 23 public and 11 private universities.

We are presenting TOP 7 universities of Austria:

  1. University of Vienna (oldest and largest university in Austria).
  2. Medical University of Vienna.
  3. University of Innsbruck.
  4. Medical University of Graz.
  5. Medical University of Innsbruck.
  6. University of Graz.
  7. Vienna University of Technology.